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AWPA Standards: Going Beyond Industry Benchmarks

Updated: Feb 12

Embark on a journey with NH Wood Treaters & Laminator as we delve into the heart of our commitment to excellence: exceeding the standards set by the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA).

In this blog post, discover why we take immense pride in surpassing industry benchmarks and how our practices ensure wood treatments that embody reliability, durability, and environmental consciousness.

Understanding the AWPA Standards

AWPA standards are more than just guidelines; they are a testament to our dedication to providing the best wood treatments available.

Learn about the rigorous benchmarks set by the American Wood Protection Association and why they are the cornerstone of our commitment to quality and excellence.

We break down the key elements that set AWPA standards apart in the wood treatment industry.

Pride in Going Beyond Industry Norms

At NH Wood Treaters & Laminator, meeting industry benchmarks is not enough. We pride ourselves on exceeding these norms and setting new standards for the wood treatment landscape.

Explore the reasons behind our commitment to going above and beyond and how it reflects in the products we deliver to our clients.

Reliability in Every Treatment

Reliability is the backbone of our wood treatments. Discover how our adherence to AWPA standards ensures that every product we offer is reliable, consistent, and exceeds customer expectations.

From railroad crossties to utility poles, our commitment to reliability ensures that our wood treatments stand the test of time.

NH Wood Treaters

Durability that Goes the Distance

Wood treatments should not only meet durability expectations but surpass them. Learn how our practices, aligned with AWPA standards, guarantee the durability of our products.

NH Wood Treaters & Laminator is committed to providing wood treatments that can withstand the elements and maintain their integrity for years to come.

Environmental Consciousness at the Core

Environmental consciousness is a guiding principle in our practices. Explore how our commitment to AWPA standards aligns with our dedication to sustainable and eco-friendly wood treatments.

NH Wood Treaters & Laminator is not just building durable wood products; we're shaping a future where environmental consciousness is at the forefront of the wood treatment industry.


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